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No mask, no entry under ministry guideline



Jan 09, 2021, 15:54

Customers who don’t wear masks should be denied access to shopping malls or supermarkets, according to an epidemic prevention and control guideline released by the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday.

It says health code notices should be posted at entrances and the amount of temperature measuring equipment increased.

Only those wearing masks properly and showing with a normal health code and temperature can enter, the guideline says. Masks are also required during elevator rides.

Senior citizens who don’t use or have difficulty in using smartphones can obtain their health codes by registering their identity cards instead or resort to other staff services.

Meanwhile, a “one meter line” is also required at the cashier to remind customers of social distancing when queuing to pay. Customers are also encouraged to pay by scanning codes in order to minimize queuing time and reduce human contact.

Staff at retail venues must to enhance air circulation and increase the frequency of disinfection, especially during holidays when venues are crowded. Air conditioning must allow the maximum volume of fresh air.

Cleaning and disinfection procedures are required no less than three times a day for toilets and public facilities including lockers, elevator buttons and handles, and dustbins. Disinfection of door handles, faucets and switches in toilets is required every two hours.

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parcher post time: 2021-01-15 17:55

Completely in agreement with you!  Asians are smarter than Westerners when it comes to Covid 19.  It has a lot o do with Asian culture; they are more prepared to forego their individual rights for the common good, directly  opposite of Western culture where individuals rights take precedence over communal right to safety from Covid.  The West is paying a heavy price for this culture!


does anyone really doubt asian people have dealt with covid a lot smarter than western people?

This picture taken yesterday in the UK and police said they dished out 200 fines including 20 people who were all sat together on a large plastic sheet as you can see in the picture.......

We are in the middle of a national lockdown 

pnp post time: 2021-01-15 14:47

No doubt about it. Newtown singled out India yet their 150k  deaths for a nation of 1.3 billion is still far better than the figures coming out of Europe and America. When was the last time we saw protests in Asia from covid deniers? Have you heard of any illegal raves? Or house parties during lockdown in Asia? Did asian people flock to beaches during lockdown like we saw in Europe? The list is endless yet Newtown bizarrely disputes the obvious that western people have been an embarrassment dealing with covid 19.......

Newtown post time: 2021-01-15 07:08

""Asian people are much smarter when dealing with viruses"

That is a fair statement.  Asians generally accept the need to put on facemasks, westerners generally don't despite calls by their health experts to do so, and the result is glaringly clear for all to see.  In US the numbers of cases keep rising while in China, it is mostly under control and we can go aboit our daily ife without fear, as long as we wear masks.

pnp post time: 2021-01-12 11:34

Ok I've taken the sniff of salt, it was very salty. Your comments about the pandemic in Indonesia - another Aisian nation - also go against Parcher's view that "Asian people are much smarter when dealing with viruses". Unfortunately, throughout the world, this virulent virus pays little heed as to anyone's degree of intelligence.

Newtown post time: 2021-01-12 05:54

Your deduction is completely incorrect!

COVID-19 virus ate the brains of the smartest in the west!

It could not find the brains in the east!

No GPS for COVID-19 virus!

Newtown post time: 2021-01-12 05:54

Take Vietnam figures with a pinch of salt!  Some months ago, Indonesia surprisngly reported hardly any infection, and see what happens today, it is struggling to control the outbreak!  It may not be deliberate atempt to falsify, just that the testing is not widespread, missing many cases, especially in far-flung rural areas!  US figures, though sorry to look at, are more reliable!


Since this law was announced, many people in shopping centers and restaurants, after meals and chatting, are seen without facemasks!  So who is supposed to enforce the law?  Or is it just another 'for show' law with no teeth?  Everyone is at risk when people don't obey the law and don't put on facemasks.  Let's hope the authorities start enforcing the law strictly and promptly, without exception!  There should be a hotline for the public to alert the authorities of facemask flouters!

parcher post time: 2021-01-11 01:27

Vietnam has recorded 35 deaths from Covid 19, and over 1500 infections. India, Asia's second largest country, has recorded over 150,000 deaths and 10.5 million cases of infections. How do these figures reveal that "Asian people are much smarter when dealing with viruses"?

emanreus post time: 2021-01-09 23:12

They need tougher punishment but our courts are very weak....

Asian people are much smarter when dealing with viruses. Vietnam not even one death from covid 19.......quite amazing..